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St. Monicas Cathedral, Cairns City

03 Nov 2018, 2:30 pm

Annual concert at St Monicas Cathedral. 

1st half played in 432 tuning

Concerto Grosso No 8 - Areangelo Corelli (1653-1742)

Concerto per 2 Violincelli ed Archi - Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1742)

For zwei Violinen, Steicher und Basso continuo - J.S. Bach BWv 1043

2nd half played in 440 tuning

Simple Symphony - Benjamin Britten 

Bailes Para Orquesta (Dance for Orchestra) - Richard Meyer

Encore: Czardas - V.Monti

Across the Sky - by Edge Hill School Choir accompanied by CCO

Performed by Cairns Concert Orchestra led by Jessica Connell, conducted by Robert Johnstone.

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